Goals of Healthcare

Goals of Primary Care Services:

We are here to serve you and work to safeguard and improve your health. This is only possible through a partnership of mutual understanding and respect.

These ten steps are the foundation of our basic goals for your care.

  • Hypertensive control – a blood pressure systolic of less than 130 systolic
  • Cholesterol/ Lipid control – a total cholesterol of less than 200 and an LDL of less than 130
  • Weight moderation – a BMI of less than 30 (i.e. non-obese)
  • Tobacco cessation – help you stop smoking
  • Alcohol moderation – less than one or two drinks daily
  • Healthful activity – exercise guided by your level of fitness
  • Stress reduction – counseling, meditation and meds if needed
  • Cancer Screening – colonoscopy, mammograms & testing as indicated
  • Disease Screening – glucose and thyroid levels, bone density etc.
  • Risk Factor elucidation – review of your personal and family history & risks

These are the steps we expect you to take.

  1. Compliance – taking your medications and treatments
  2. Vaccinations – all vaccines that are indicated
  3. Honesty and kindness – courtesy with all staff at all times

As a small practice we do have limits on the services we can provide and may have to refer to outside physicians for their added expertise. We believe in stable long-term relationships with a trusted physician as the best means of providing meaningful care.

Other clinics have large teams of physician extenders and providers to process patients through their systems rapidly and efficiently. This is not our approach. We trust you will appreciate the advantages of smaller and simpler primary care.

We look forward to the privilege of serving you for years to come.


Eduardo J. Balbona M.D. & Staff – Art of Medicine, PA